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Izdajanje revije Agricultura je finančno podprto s strani Javne agencije za raziskovalno dejavnost Republike Slovenije.

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The journal AGRICULTURA (A) publishes scientific works from the following fields: animal science, plant production, farm mechanisation, land management, agricultural economics, ecology, biotechnology, microbiology
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pp. 57-64


The main goal of the Slovene Plant Gene Bank is preservation, maintenance and evaluation of traditional cultivars and other useful genotypes. The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences houses among other plant materials also numerous accessions of plums (Prunus domestica L.). Duplicates among 15 accessions were studied using six microsatellite primer pairs. These microsatellite markers revealed an average of 7.67 alleles per locus, and a range of 4 to 10 different alleles per locus. The genetic distances between studied accessions were calculated using the Dice coefficient to form a dendrogram. The six SSRs were found to be adequate for differentiating among genotypes within the collection. Among the analysed accessions no duplicates were found.

Key words: gene bank, duplicate accessions, Prunus domestica, plums, SSR markers


Identifkacija morebitnih duplikatov med akcesijami sliv (Prunus domestica L.) znotraj Slovenske rastlinske genske banke z uporabo molekulskih markerjev

Slovenska rastlinska genska banka skrbi za ohranjanje, vzdrževanje in vrednotenje tradicionalnih kultivarjev in drugih uporabnih genotipov rastlin. Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede skrbi med drugim tudi za številne akcesije sliv (Prunus domestica L.). Med 15 izbranimi akcesijami, smo s pomočjo šestih mikrosatelitskih lokusov želeli poiskati morebitne duplikate. Z mikrosatelitskimi markerji smo v povprečju namnožili 7.67 alelov na lokus in dobili od 4 do 10 različnih alelov na posamezen lokus. Za računanje genetskih oddaljenosti med proučevanimi akcesijami smo izračunali Dice koefcient in izrisali dendrogram. Šest mikrosatelitskih lokusov je zadostovalo za razlikovanje med akcesijami. Med preučevanimi akcesijami nismo našli duplikatov.

Ključne besede: genska banka, podvojene akcesije, Prunus domestica, slive, mikrosatelitski markerji


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