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The journal AGRICULTURA (A) publishes scientific works from the following fields: animal science, plant production, farm mechanisation, land management, agricultural economics, ecology, biotechnology, microbiology
ISSN 1581-5439
Mohamed A. SHEBL, Soliman M. KA MEL, Talaat A. Abu HASHESH and Mohamed A. OSMAN
pp. 33-35

Alfalfa, Medicago sativa (L, 1753), is a high quality forage and green manure crop that originated in the Middle East. Currently there are 80-120,000 hectare of alfalfa planted in Egypt, and acreage is rising each year especially in the newly reclaimed lands. Th e leafcutt ing bees are very important pollinator of alfalfa, artifi cial nests were prepared and transferred to experimental fi eld. Th e experimental field was divided into three main parts close to the nest (20 m), near to the nest (30 m), and far from the nest (40 m). 12 plants were labeled for each location and subjected for counting total number of open fl owers, pods, seeds, weight of seeds and weight of seeds per each plant. The maximum high production of alfalfa seeds was in the plants so close to the nest then production becomes less due to the distance from artifi cial nests. Th e average number of pods was 17.25; average number of seeds /100 pods was 288.5, dry weight of 100 seeds was 0.25 g and average weight of seed per each plant was 5.42 g .

Key words: leafcutt ing bees, artifi cial nesting, alfalfa pollination, seed production


Delovanje umetnih gnezd čebele navadne listorezke (Megachile minutissima, Megachilidae, Hymenoptera) (Radoszkowski, 1876) na proizvodnjo semena, Ismailia, Egipt

Lucerna Medicago sativa (L, 1753), je visoka kakovostna krmna rastlina in zeleno gnojilo, ki izvira iz Bližnjega vzhoda. Trenutno obstaja v Egiptu 80-120.000 hektarjev površin pod lucerno in površine se vsako leto povečujejo. Čebele navadne listorezke so zelo pomemben opraševalec lucerne. Umetna gnezda so bila prenešena v poskusno polje. Poskusno polje je bilo razdeljeno na tri glavne dele; blizu gnezda (20 m), v bližini gnezda (30 m), in stran od gnezda (40 m). 12 rastlin je bilo označenih na vsaki lokaciji in rastlinam smo prešteli skupno število odprtih cvetov, strokov, semena, mase semen in mase semen na vsaki rastlini. Najvišja proizvodnja alfalfa semen je pri rastlinah blizu gnezda nato pa proizvodnja pade zaradi oddaljenosti od umetnih gnezd. Povprečno število strokov je 17,25; povprečno število semen / 100 stroki je bilo 288,5, suha masa 100 semen je bila 0,25 g in povprečna masa semen na vsaki rastlini je bila 5,42 g.

Ključne besede: čebele navadne listorezke; umetna gnezda; lucerna opraševanje; proizvodnja semena


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